About Us

Our Purpose

Our desire is to not become just another religious institution. We continuously seek God's leading to become the church that He wants us to be, we are not man led we are God led. We want to awaken from our comfortable and ineffective routines and become alive and empowered. We want to impact our families, our community and our world. We are breaking the chains of religion by pursuing a relationship with God, we want to stop playing church, we want to be like Christ.


Our church body originated in a home where the doors were gracefully opened to begin a weekly bible study and were soon joined by others who were also seeking God's direction. Through prayer, study of Scripture and more prayer God led us to become a church community. The home was soon outgrown. After a year of being a church body we found ourselves without a pastor but felt that God wanted us to continue our ministry. Our church became less traditional as we welcomed guest speakers from other churches and shared testimonies. Different people stepped up to fill areas left vacant by not having a pastor. We read Jim Cymbala's "The Church God Blesses" and sought to be a church that God would love to bless. With continued prayer seeking God's direction we became more REAL and less RELIGIOUS. As we continued in the relaxed, informal and loosely structured type of service and fellowship our church time became more meaningful and we began to experience a new level of spiritual growth.



"My sister invited us to come when we were in the area visiting. The church felt so warm and unpretentious I knew when I decided to reside in this community I wanted to make New Beginnings Fellowship my church. I found my family at New Beginnings Fellowship." - Dorothy Kempe