From Spoiled Rotten to Redeeming Value?

By Kip Holbrook

I remember the phone call I received regarding a cute black and white paint horse. He had been in training for about 60 days and was still more horse than these people needed. Now this was a typical situation that we have all seen where novice riders want a young horse they can grow up with. I told them after watching the family trying to ride him that if they should ever decide to sell him I would be interested. About a year later that phone call came and the voice on the other end said very bluntly ”If you are still interested in this horse come and get him.” I found out that he had bucked the dad off and later had put the daughter in the hospital with a broken leg. I was interested, so I went down to take a look at this horse. He still looked good, but when I got close he laid his ears back and let me know he didn't want to be messed with. He was spoiled rotten, and other than looks he had no redeeming value.(To redeem means to take something of little or no value and make it valuable) Once home he was hard to catch, would cow kick at you as you tried to saddle him and would buck and try to bite you as you were getting on.

The first ride was a horrible fight and everyday after that for about two weeks was a constant battle. Knowing he had previously had good training I kept on. With consistent discipline and stubborn determination I began to see some real changes take place. I soon introduced him to heeling and he took to it easily and became a really nice heel horse within about a year. He just needed a job and heeling gave him something to do with all that energy. It gave him redeeming value and other ropers began to take notice of him as well. I eventually sold him for a good price and I understand that he is doing well for a family in high school rodeo, team roping, calf roping and break away etc.

Bad behavior and poor decisions sometimes cause us to think that we don't have much redeeming value either. God says that is not true! 2 Chronicles 16:9 says “ the eyes of the Lord move back and forth throughout the earth looking for those whose heart is completely His...” He is in the business of choosing nobodies and turning them into somebodies. God sees great value in each of us. He created us, designed us and knows us inside and out. He is looking for those who would follow Him with all their heart, seek His plan and direction for their lives. He sees great redeeming value in you and He will bring out your best. Give Him the reins, value life and relationships, and rope great!

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