High expectations

How high are your expectations?

In the early 90s I rode for the Alder Creek ranch in Denio Nv. My good friend Manual Elias owned that beautiful ranch until he was killed in a tragic haying accident. I usually went up for a few weeks in the spring to gather the desert valley side of the ranch and then in the fall to gather the high mountain range up by the high lakes. Including the lease ground there was about 135000 ac. total land to ride. The ranch could carry about 1600 pair and it was a time for me to get away and spend a lot of hours cowboying in beautiful country. It was a great place to take young horses that I was starting and riding up there for the long days and steep terrain. The colts would loose much of their foolishness and gain a lot of maturity in a short time. After the gathering of course we would be in the corral branding and marking for a few more long days,trying to get through about 400 calves a day.
There were four of us leaving the headquarters at about 6:30 am. one crisp fall morning. It was an eight mile ride from the ranch to where we would gather that day. I was riding a 4 yr. old Poco Bueno bred buckskin colt that I was kinda proud of. I was even more pleased that he didn't buck but one or two jumps in that cool mountain morning air. When we got up on top we split up and said we would meet to bring down the cattle we had gathered. We always planned it that way, but it never happened. There was about fifteen miles across the top of the mesa and several different ways down. I found about 20 pair and started them down a trail along a small stream where they could just mosey along with water and some grass to munch on. I loved the sound of the breeze filtering through the quakys along the stream. At one point the trail narrowed and there were big roots from a fallen tree wrapped around a rock facing the trail. The cattle went by without even noticing it but my buckskin wanted nothing to do with it. Snorting and whirling around back up the trail we went. I turned him around to face it again and eased him back to it only to have him repeat his earlier performance. Using some spurs and wanting to get down the mountain before dark I kept the pressure on him. Forward and back ,then almost by, he would back up the trail again. I could have found another way down I guess but my expectations for him were higher than that.
I heard once that " If you want to be happy lower your expectations, but if you want to be great raise them". I wonder how many of us pull back every time we get close to having a relationship with our Lord. He has great promises of blessing, direction,and purpose for our lives, yet each time we get close, we pull back and turn away from him. James 4:8 says" Come near to God and he will come near to you." You see like my colt who finally gave in, He has great expectations for you. He wants to make you complete lacking nothing experiencing great joy and happieness in this life. Rope great raise your expectations allow him to make you the very best you can be.
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