Who You picked on?

Recently I watched the" Ropen Show" with Tyler Magness. He was giving a lesson to a charming lady on the fundamentals of a good head catch and handle. Like most of us in the process of learning something new she was getting frustrated. She started to jerk on her horses face a little even though the horse hadn't done anything wrong. Tyler nicely said "Don't pick on him, quit picken on your horse". I realized immediately that I was guilty of the same thing. In my own frustration of bringing along a young heel horse and tryng to improve my heeling I had been a little hard on my horse. I had started "picken on him" almost every run. It was not him as much as my own frustration with myself. He is young and learning also. I made up my mind to stop picken on him. I think there is a time for correction, but not just a regular picking at em. I found that he has steadily improved now even faster than he was before. In most cases it seems that when we start picken on something or someone it is usually out of frustration with ourselves. Not only our horse, but our spouse, children, co-workers, and friends, even our own self talk can become objects of our frustrations. Some of us can really be hard on ourselves too!

In our relationship with God even though He desires for us to improve our lives He never picks on us. He is always a gentlemen, giving of himself and always thinking the very best of us. His desire is to see us walk with Him in peace and happiness. He is constantly pursuing a relationship with us in order to see us grow and and mature in this life. He will indwell us and live His life through us, that's His part. Revelation 3:20 says " Look I stand at the door and knock. If you hear me calling and and open the door I will come in and we will share a meal together as friends". (Recovery Bible) Well that verse is our part.Can you hear Him gently knocking? You can open the door of your heart to him. Do you need a friend that will never let you down and never be picken on you? He's patiently waiting for you..... Be encouraged, rope great and know that His desire is to be with you always. May your pickens always be "Slim".